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  • Safe During The Holidays

    It's very sad that during this wonderful time of year we have to worry about packages be stolen from our porch or having our homes broken into so someone else can take what doesn't belong to them. We also must be concerned for our own personal safety as we walk to our cars with an arm full of Christmas packages. The good news is we have ways to protect ourselves  and our property.  If we have a quality Home Security System we can help protect our property and keep our loved ones safe, unfortunately these systems can be very expensive, ours however are very affordable, easy to install and require no monthly fee. Also having a good quality Home Surveillance System is a great way help protect your property, home or office.

    OK so we've found a few great ways to protect and our homes and property but what about keeping us personally safe while out and about. Simple: Non-Lethal Personal Protection and we have a lot of options. Maybe you'd like a Pepper Spray, well we have many to pick from, all affordable and great quality. We also carry a complete line of Mace Defensive Sprays.

    Now maybe you're thinking a Stun Gun is a better option for you, that's great we have those to and they also are very affordable and great quality.  Regardless of what you want to protect you, your loved ones, your home, your office or other personal property, The Fear Not Company can help in many ways with GREAT affordable, quality products. NOTHING is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones.

  • Because What If?

    What if you or someone you love was confronted with a dangerous situation and had no way to protect yourself? It happens all the time because we live in a dangerous world. Thinking it can't or will never happen to you might a bit silly given the crime statistics. Non-Lethal Self Protection is an affordable way to help stay safe. Think about it, our Pepper Sprays  start under $10.00. Our Stun Guns start under $20.00. Our Personal Alarms start under $10.00. We offer so many affordable options for self defense that are easy to carry, easy to use and are very powerful it's amazing how many people still walk around unprotected. Another big benefit to non-lethal self protection is the places you can carry it without a permit or without breaking some rule or law. It is widely accepted almost everywhere. See more information about the  laws and restrictions.

    What about your home or office security. Do you feel safe and are your assets protected. Consider looking at the awesome products on our Home Protection page. Also check out our cool line of of High Definition Surveillance Systems.

    NOTHING is more important than the safety of you and all those you love and care about. Imagine for a very small amount of money you might prevent someone from taking your purse, wallet or even prevent a violent attack/rape or other senseless crime.

    We can't stop bad people from doing bad things, all we can do is take positive steps to help us from becoming VICTIMS. YOUR SAFETY MATTERS.......

    Thank You.

    Tim Pettay


  • Why Pepper Spray, Stun Guns or other Non-Lethal Personal Protection

    Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your loved ones

    This is my first blog post on this site; I hope you’ll find it informative. We all know the world is a dangerous place, crime and violence is everywhere and many people carry firearms for self-protection. This is fine and as a former U.S. Marine, I qualified Expert with both the M16A1 Rifle and the .45 Cal Pistol so I have some knowledge of the power and intensity of firearms. I have no problem with those who legally carry as long as they are of sound mind and judgment and understand the awesome responsibility they hold. Having said that I also know that not all situations require the use of deadly force to defuse and it should only be used as a last resort anyway. This is why ever those who carry a firearm for self-protection should also consider some sort of Non-Lethal Self Protection. Now many people don’t carry firearms for a number of reasons. Maybe they have small children in the home and worry that a horrible accident could happen if the child got access to the weapon. Maybe they are just afraid of firearms or maybe they can’t afford one with all that goes along with being a responsible gun owner. For example: The firearm itself could run into hundreds of dollars, the safe, the ammo, the training, the permit and so on. This is where Non-Lethal Personal Protection becomes a great idea. Think about it, for around $10.00 a person can carry a quality Pepper Spray and starting at about $20.00 they can carry a quality and Powerful Stun Gun that are legal to carry in most places. So my Point is regardless of your financial situation or weather you carry a firearm or not, Non-Lethal Self Protection is a good affordable way to help protect yourself.

    On this site you will find all kinds of products to help protect you, your loved ones, your home, property and your business. I’d be honored to have you as a customer and hope you’ll send some time shopping with us and also consider some of these products as great gift ideas.

    Thank you,

    Tim Pettay

    The Fear Not Company

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